Our Services

Aviation Consulting Services

Ricondo is a full-service aviation consulting company providing services to airport owners and operators, airlines, and federal and state aviation-related agencies. The consulting services offered by Ricondo range from broad problem-solving consulting to specialized technical analyses in the following areas:

Airside/Airfield Planning

Services Include:
  • Demand, Capacity, and Operations Analyses
  • Airfield Layout Planning
  • Airspace Obstructions Analyses
  • Ramp Planning and Operations Analyses
  • Airport Operations and Safety Evaluations
  • Construction Operations Planning

Aviation Demand Forecasting

Services Include:
  • Aviation Demand Forecasting
  • Design Day Flight Schedule Development
  • Average Annual Day Activity and Annual Landing and Takeoff Cycle Development
  • Air Service Development

Business and Financial Planning

Services Include:
  • Airline and Other Tenant Agreement Development and Negotiations
  • Airport Capital Planning, Affordability, and Justification Analyses
  • Airport Financial Modeling
  • Revenue Bond Feasibility Study Preparation
  • Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Planning and Implementation
  • Rental Car Business and Financial Planning
Notice: Ricondo is not registered as a municipal advisor under Section 15B of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 and Ricondo does not provide financial advisory services within the meaning of such Act.

Environmental Planning

Services Include:
  • NEPA Processing and State and Local Environmental Processing
  • EIS Coordination for Airport Sponsors
  • Noise Analyses
  • Noise Compatibility Planning
  • Air Quality Analyses/Conformity Analyses/Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program Applications

Ground Transportation and Parking Planning

Services Include:
  • Parking Planning
  • Roadway and Curbside Operations and Planning
  • Landside Operations and Management Planning
  • Landside Facility Financial

Land Use Planning

Services Include:
  • Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 150, Noise Compatibility Programs
  • Vision 100 Section 160 Land Use Compatibility Plans
  • Airport Land Use Compatibility Plans
  • Airspace Protection Plans and Zoning
  • Noise Land Inventories and Reuse Plans
  • Land Development/Airport Compatibility Impact Assessments
  • Collateral Land Development Plans

NextGen and Procedures

Services Include:
  • Air Traffic Control Management Analysis
  • ATC and Airport Systems Technical Support
  • Performance Based Navigation Instrument Flight Procedure Development
  • Policy Support and Guidance
  • Metroplex Implementation Support
  • SWIM Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Support

Nonaeronautical Revenue Development

Services Include:
  • Collateral Development/Land Use Planning
  • Automobile Public Parking/Ground Transportation Planning
  • Business and Leasing Strategy Assistance
  • Privatization/Third Party Outsourcing Support
  • Real Estate and Economic Development Strategies

Operations Research

Services Include:
  • Airport Systems and Subsystem Optimization Studies
  • Airport Performance Metrics
  • Queuing Analyses
  • Simulation

Rental Car Facility and Business Planning

Services Include:
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Planning and Financing
  • Facility Planning
  • Operational Planning

Terminal Facilities Planning

Services Include:
  • Critical Needs Assessment
  • Facility Programming
  • Concept Development
  • Scenario Testing and Sensitivity Analysis